when i am unsettled

Everyday DerringDo

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when i am unsettled
everything is in lower caps.

the locusts’ song that normally brings joy
grates on my last ping-y nerve

shame follows me around
you shoulda done this
you shoulda been more grateful
you’re a dork.

and I must ask myself
What is real? What is true?

today the unsettling came.
weather and fire
human frailties masked by cavalier bravado on a global scale
that un-jiminey cricket
which sat on my shoulder and pointed out all the ways I am not enough

apparently, he is making the rounds.
i learned this while on my tiny couch
in my tiny apartment
thinking my tiny thoughts
and skipping yoga
because i needed to be still…to be tiny.

i learned un-jiminey cricket was making his rounds
when friend after friend
either connected with me directly
or sent out into the world
their own sense of dis-ease
and not enough.


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Importance of Readers/Reviews/Endorsements

Book reviewers and advance readers are one important element in the publishing process. It’s hard for the author and the editors to be objective about the book they’ve been immersed in for months, maybe years. Enter readers and reviewers who usually have little or no personal stake or emotional involvement in the book. We hope they are people who appreciate good literature, who want to share God-glorifying stories with their friends, who recognize authenticity in narrative that “rings true” and offers help and hope.

We are thankful for the advance readers who, in the midst of their busy schedules, have read a pre-publication copy of On Kitten Creek: Searching for the Sacred by Nancy Swihart and have sent us these endorsement/ reviews:

Ken Canfield PhD., Founder National Center for Fathering; President, National Association for Grandparenting says:

“Nancy Swihart’s On Kitten Creek is an uplifting and thoughtful read. It’s a fresh…

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To every man th…

To every man there openeth A way, and ways, and a way. And the high soul climbs the high way, And the low soul gropes the low: And in between, on the misty flats, The rest drift to and fro. But to every man there openeth A high way and a low, And every man decideth. The way his soul shall go.”
3 quote fans • Oxenham, John

Thinking about the “misty flats” and fighting to stay on “the high road.”

Bethlehem Revisited


December 1998

As usually happens after the final curtain goes down on Bethlehem Revisited, I question the rationality of planning another for the following year.  The vision has become a reality once again, but at a great cost of energy, nerves, and time.  “On flowery beds of ease” (what I once thought   was an accurate description of obedience to God) has been in reality a matter of pure discipline, commitment, and hard work much of the time.  Yet there is also incredible joy in helping to create this event, and that joy comes in the knowledge that I am working with God and that He is filling it with the spiritual essence of an eternal nature that can only come from Him.  And where I see this the most is what I would call the anointing of the imagination. Our imaginations are a vital part of who we are.  From the devotional masters to the Puritans we have been given examples of the importance of using our imaginations to bring to the heart what our intellect has already given assent. I see it first in the imagination of those who are called to come alongside in the planning.  Before there is an inn, a stable, a “Bethlehem,” someone has to “see” the possibilities and then have the imagination to help create the atmosphere.  Someone has to “see” the necessary steps that must be taken to ensure that the guests feel welcome and are safe.  And God brings those to come alongside to whom He has given that “imagination.” I see it in the imagination of those who participate in the acting and staffing.  I am always amazed at the way God expands my vision as the actors and crew work together as the Body.  Each person adds his own unique “imagination” and gifts to the event to make it go far beyond my own imagination.   Finally, I see it in the imagination of the guests as they experience the story that comes to life, as they trudge the paths, smell the “reality” of a barnyard, hear with their ears the crowd in the inn, the donkey’s bray . . .the simplicity of the greatest event of all times, the incarnation of our Saviour.  For some, it is the very first time that they have heard or seen this message; for others it is the first time their imaginations have been baptized with the truth of Incarnational Reality; for others it is simply a time for their imaginations to be stirred once again into a sense of worship of the One they serve.  

The eternal essence of God’s work in Bethlehem Revisited as He anoints our imaginations and brings truth and reality to our meager effort is what makes it worth considering “one more time.”